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I have no greater professional passion than to be a part of the academic community, supporting students in becoming the most successful students, professionals, and people that they can be while publishing on topics that attempt to move our society toward a more tolerant, compassionate, and accepting society.

I am committed to a holistic approach to student learning, including providing feedback about writing skills, academic support, and emotional support to students individually and collaboratively with other faculty and administrators.

I am a passionate mentor and teacher, committed to bringing innovation into my courses so as to reach students with different learning styles and diverse backgrounds. I expose my students to technologies that are prevalent or growing in the business world. I provide my students with extensive feedback about their writing skills, course credit for internships, career counseling, and opportunities to engage in research projects.
In addition to ongoing doctrinal research in Environmental Law, Constitutional Theory, and Victim Advocacy, I am currently researching how to better prepare first semester law students for first semester exams to ensure that first semester grades are reflective of students' overall performance and capabilities.

I have recently presented at national and international conferences on using flow charts to facilitate classroom learning for many learning styles, facilitating structured peer study groups in writing courses using wiki technology, and incorporating Joe Williams' pedagogy into law school orientations, academic support, and legal writing classrooms. I expect to turn each of these topics into one or more articles.

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Hillary Burgess
Cell: 856.466.6929.
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Email: prof + @ + hillaryburgess + . + com
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